Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 16, 2008 Lexington, KY to Wapakoneta, OH

This was a beautiful travel day - hardly a cloud in the sky, the sun at our backs and a tailwind. We left the Kentucky Horse Park Campground and traveled as far as Covington, KY with Rich and Helen, friends from the MOC. We had lunch at a Flying J truck stop and they forked off of I-75 at I-71 and we continued north on 75 to Wapakoneta, OH, the Lakewood Village RV Resort. Soon after we set up, we met with Steve and Patty, friends from the MOC, and had dinner. Great folks who were Co-Wagon Masters at last years MOC Fall Rally. Got more good ideas and suggestions for this fall's rally. They will bring their Montana to Michigan later this summer and we will meet again. We left them in time to see American Idol. I told Carol that I believe that this is the best journey that I have been on since we have been RVing - spent the winter in Central Florida working with Mickey Mouse in Disney World, camped at the same campground as a couple of other MOC members so saw them regularly, taking over two weeks to get back home meandering up I-75 from FL to Michigan, saw other friends while in Florida, asked to be and accepted the position of Wagon Master for the 2008 MOC Fall Rally, was able to name Rich and Helen, two of the friends that we camped with at Mouse Mountain, as Assistant Wagon Masters, traveled with them from Florida to Kentucky, met with another pair of friends from the MOC for dinner today in Sidney, OH for dinner, advised that I will be Ranger Jim this summer at Waldenwoods RV Resort in Hartland, MI. Goodness, we will be home tomorrow so that we can start giving and getting family hugs that we have only been able to talk and think about for three months. Life just gets better. Now, if we can only get Carol's knees to stop keeping her in constant pain, it will be perfect. Saw some interesting sights today - the skyline of Cincinnati is always nice as you come over the mountain and see the town along the Ohio River, the statue of Christ along I-75, and, of course, the Welcome to Ohio sign. We also noticed that, in the mountains, we stopped seeing the green trees. Most were bare and some had only small buds on them.

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