Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Berea, KY

We broke camp in Ohio this morning in a driving rainstorm. As we were driving through Cincinnati in the heavy traffic and rain, a semi drifted into us clipping us slightly. The side view mirror was knocked for a loop and later we found a scrape on the side of the Montana. The conditions were so poor that we didn't see the damage on the 5er until we later stopped. The truck was last seen southbound on I-75 into the rain. This is the only snag of our journey. We are truly blessed - we woke up this morning, we were not injured, the damages were minor and we still have a couple of months or so to go on this trip. If the weather improves tomorrow, we will go to the Kentucky Horse Farm, in Lexington. Then to Maggie Valley, in the North Carolina Smokies this weekend or so.

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John & Judy said...

Wow! That could have been a serious entanglement. What's that they say? "If you've got it, a truck brought it." I guess they mean trouble too. We're glad you're both okay. If the weather is nice, Keeneland is the track to visit. Very nice. On U.S. 60 directly across from the Lexington airport. For details, see
John for J&J