Monday, April 30, 2007

Largo, FL 3

Another sunny day in Central Florida. Today we took Monty to the dealership and they measured the slideout cover and will order a new one. We will have to bring it back probably Friday for installation. Seemed silly to break down camp, tow it to the dealership and watch them measure it just like we could have done without the fuss of packing and towing. But, the day turned immediately better. Glenn and Lorraine, friends from the MOC, met us at the dealership and, after towing the rig back and dropping it at the campground, we went to lunch with them. They have been full timing RVers for over three years now and had a lot of insight into the lifestyle. They stay in Clearwater for 6 months over the winter and travel north, east and west in the summer. Glenn also gets his health care from the VA. That is a very nice option for us to look into. It would save us a bundle if Carol got individual BCBC coverage and Jim went VA. Gonna have to check into it again. Wasn't sure after the first look into VA but then, with the costs rising so fast and high, it must be revisited. We went to Glenn and Lorraines camp ground for a while and really enjoyed the day. The full time/long time lifestyle is one that we could really get to like. The MOC has introduced us to some really great people from all over. It was nice, pulling into a strange area (St Pete/Tampa/Clearwater) with a problem, the damaged rig, and knowing someone to call for a trusted recommendation for service.

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