Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wapakoneta, OH

We finally got out of Michigan. Tonight we are staying at the Lakewood Village RV Resort in Wapakoneta. This is north of Dayton on I-75. It was 20 degrees when we got started this morning and was probably in the mid 50s and sunny here. We are maybe going to Berea, KY tomorrow - "Where the Appalations (sp) meet the Blue Grass." Maybe we can get to some horse farms near Lexington from there. Then we will decide where we will go next and when - probably The Smokies. The first day is always our hardest and this was no exception. Carol's arthritis is telling on her and I am just tired. We are snug in our Monty now and not going anywere else today. Wouldn't trade it for anything that we know of, though.


John & Judy said...

Woo Hoo! The game is afoot!! :) So glad to hear you're enjoying a wonderful time, Bro and Sis! We love you both!
John & Judy

ostrem said...

Hey guys, you got out of town just in time. It is a blizzard outside at the moment with upwards of 5" of snow by evening here. Glad you are on a southerly course. Enjoy the sights and safe travels!

- Dave