Monday, April 16, 2007

Smokies 4

Well, the Strong Wind Warnings have been extended to 6:00am tomorrow and we will have to see what the new day brings in order to decide if it would be ok to leave in the morning for Greensboro, GA or wait another day. Today was a full day. We went to Asheville, NC and checked out the town for a while then drove into the mountains and, with the sun shining and the snow in the higher elevations, it was beautiful. We have to get out of here for a while because we are running out of adjectives to describe the beauty of the mountains. The wind is still blowing with heavy gusts as it has been all day long but it looks great. We ate lunch at another recommended restaurant today in Asheville, the Moose Cafe. Southern, homemade cooking with fresh veggies and meats from the nearby farmers' market. This calls for another day of strict Nutrisystem and walking. It seemed quite unusual to be looking from the warmer lower elevations at the snow at the higher elevations and then driving up to it. The air was not all that cold around the snow, either. God is quite an artist. Well, we hope to leave in the morning for Greensboro and kick around Augusta and maybe Atlanta for a few days (or else just take some naps). Jim was stationed a thousand years ago outside Augusta, at Fort Gordon, for a while.

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John & Judy said...

Your wonderful adventures leave us waiting for each next installment! Ride on you trailblazers!! We love your superlatives. :)