Sunday, April 15, 2007

Smokeys 2

As we look out our windows we see SNOW!!! We left Michigan to escape this and discover that there is no escape. We are still at Pride RV Resort in Maggie Valley and will stay until Tuesday because there are high wind warnings for tonight and tomorrow, calling for 40 mph winds with gusts over 60 mph. This region of the mountains also has a freeze warning for tonight. Good thing that we can snuggle up in our Montana. No air leaks and good heaters do wonders for those type of days and nights. Today we went to Cherokee, NC and "tourist shopped" with Carol getting a clear plastic block with horses in it that sits on a moving pedistal that revolves and changes the light and color being transmitted through it. Very nice. We then went to the town of Maggie Valley and went to near the top of a mountain that has a ski resort on top. What a view of the Smokeys! This entire area is full of history and raw beauty. As we travel the winding mountain roads, we see a fascinating view around almost every curve. Today was as good as it gets and tomorrow will be even better.

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pilarski clan said...

Sounds like a trip like we have made as kids hehe. Jon made it home save and sound with plenty of fish stories. Brandon is still scoring like a fiend. Sarah birthday party was a nice get together with some important people missing. I think Meagons dance recitial is June 15th. But I will find the correct times and dates that she will be preforming. (since there are 5 times) I dont think she is in all of them. love you both.