Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Greensboro, GA

We are now in the North Shore Resort in Greensboro, GA. The temperature in in the upper 70s and the sky is cloudless - This is what we were looking for. Our site was a little difficult getting into because it is on the side of a hill and the road is narrow but now that we are in this is very nice. This is a wooded, hilly area. The birds are singing and the air smells fresh. Another Montana is parked near us so we will probably go say "Hi" later. The sun shone on us during the entire trip and the wind was not nearly as wild as it has been lately. The forcast is for possible showers tomorrow and sunny the rest of the week with temps in the 70s. We will probably visit Augusta tomorrow and then it is time to give the Monty a bath Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! It's still blowing here, but not as hard, and the sun is peeking through occasionally. We're enjoying spring weather via your blog! Love you both lots!