Friday, April 27, 2007

Wauchule, FL 5, Fossell panning II

Went into the Peace River one more time and came out with some more goodies. Debbie, the Park Manager here, is apparently the on site fossell expert. She helped in identifying some of the finds. There is a good one from a Great White Shark, several smaller "Y" shaped Lemon Shark teeth, vertibrae from Sea Cows and other large animals/fish, Sand Dollar fossells, fosselized turtle shell shards and Stingray barb pieces. Also some other pieces that are not identified at this time. All this means that we will come back here sometime. The park is nice with large sites, full hookups and, of course, the Peace River as a border. The temperature was in the high 80s again today and they talked about a cold front coming in but their definition of cold front and ours are definately different. Clouds started coming in leading this front but brought no rain. This area is in dire need of rain. The Southern Georgia wildfires that we drove through last week could start here if there is not some moisture soon. We leave here in the morning and will go to Vacation Village in Largo, FL for a week or so. We have an appointment with an RV dealership in Pinnellas Park, near Largo, Monday to see if we can get the damaged slide cover/awning fixed that was damaged in the crash in Cincinnati on the way here.

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