Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wauchula, FL 3 Shark Teeth Panning

I finally panned for sharks' teeth. This is a fabulous place. The Peace River is low and one can wade probably all the way across. The park provided a scoop and sifting tray and off
i went, not knowing what I was doing. Immediately small sharks' teeth were discovered. Then I started noticing and finding larger ones. Also there were fossolized items that I haven't a clue what they are. As I was about to stop for the day, the sun was starting to turn me into a crispy critter, a lady who sounded Australian arrived with a shovel tied to a floating sifting tray. She looked like she had done this before. She quickly obtained several fossolized items that I believe were the same type that I had discarded earlier and showed me that they were former Indian jewelery, a talon and some other items. Now I will have to return tomorrow just to see if I can find some of this treasure. The river is very low. The park has cancelled canoe trips and recommemded fossell hunting instead. This is history that neither of us knew anything about. A camper here said that he has seen two gators since Sunday around here. We will be ok with that as long as they let us walk and dig for fossells without their company. The humidity is starting to rise along with the high temperatures in the upper 80s so the air finally was turned on. The water temperatures were reported to be mid 70s in Clearwater Beach in the Tampa paper so when we get there we will have to stick our toes into the Gulf of Mexico.
We are going to try something new - add a picture of the sign warning us of the alligator and snakes along the river. If we understand Tiny Pic, this should work. If not, oh well we'll try again later.

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John & Judy said...

WOW!! We've always heard that sharks' teeth were harder to find than hens' teeth!! 'Way to go, you guys! We love you! XXOX