Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wauchula, FL 2

It is HOT today. In the mid 80s and luckely the humidity is not too high. That is supposed to come soon, though. Who-da-thunk-it when we were freezing in KY and NC that it would get so warm now. We are not complaining, though, because we woke up this morning and, for that, there is gratitude. Filling prescriptions while on the road is really great. We changed our pharmacy a while back to Sam's Club/Walmart and they are like stink on a skunk - everywhere. It has been so simple to get refills in GA and now here in FL. Tomorrow morning is shark's teeth panning. Can't wait. We have an appointment for Monday near Tampa to have the Monty estimated and hopefully fixed for the damage caused by the semi sideswipe in Cincinnati.

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