Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Largo, FL 4

The humidity was a little higher today. There is a haze in the air now, more inland than here, but we can still tell it is here. Saw the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico tonight and the sun disappeared into the haze before it got to the horizon. This entire area is so overdue for rain. Wonder if some of the haze is the smoke from the Georgia fires. The news the other night said that the smoke is in Central Florida now, into Orlando, and will probably get to the Tampa/St Pete area about now. When we leave Sunday, we will be going back into that area, near Talahasee, where the smoke is supposedly getting thicker. The traffic in this area is suprisingly (to us) heavy. Rush hours have full traffic lanes and between rush times are still full of vehicles. Since the Snowbirds have already returned north, this must mean that the population is just becoming much more dense. Compared to Michigan, taxes and employment are a dream here. So many retired folks around and most retail stores are full of older employees.

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