Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 13, 2007 Memphis area

Today we visited with friends at their new home in the Memphis exurbs. This is a beautiful area. We went to have a late lunch and it got late so it turned into an early dinner, Linner as Carol would say. Along the Mississippi Delta area where we are staying we discovered that we are in an area filled with rice paddies. We thought that rice only came from the Far East. Of course we also thought that armadillos were only in the southwest until we saw them in Florida. See, traveling is educational, too, as well as fun. Tomorrow we leave for Arkansas. We will cross into Arkansas from Memphis over the Mississippi River. Almost 20 years ago, we stayed in a motel in West Memphis, AR, across the river from Memphis, TN. The motel was abutting a dog track. So we guess that one could say that our money went "to the dogs" the night that we went to the track. The Greyhounds are sleekly beautiful animals and, when they are through racing, are not left in the best of conditions. This is where we first heard of the society that helps people "adopt" former racing Greyhounds. Nice, quiet, well behaved but probably a little too lean for us.

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I know we called you but I'm gonna say it again HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM.