Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May 23, 2007 Goshen, IN

Our Montana is back and not sick any more. We have it set up again in Camp Keystone for the night and will travel to Kalamazoo tomorrow. This is the holiday weekend and so we were unable to get reservations at any of our parks this late so we are bringing it home. We would have spent the weekend in Mitchell, SD and then on to Mt. Rushmore if the electrical problem had not occurred. The factory fixed the problems and checked the rig out from stem to stern. They replaced the microwave, bedroom television, DVD player, main power cord and the converter. They rewired the air conditioner and fixed some other smaller problems. Besides taking care of the problems, these people are just plain nice folks. We can not say enough nice things about them and do them justice. We are sorry for the problem that brought us here in the first place, and so are they, but they took great care of us. Tonight will be the first night with electricity since Saturday night. It is 86 degrees outside now and COOL in here. Wow, what a concept. We are now starting to plan our next journey. We will get to Mt. Rushmore either in the fall or early next spring. It will soon be too hot to go there and also there is the big biker rally in Sturgis, SD in August. We will probably be heading for northern Michigan in the very near future. We have some grandchildren that we promised to take camping so that will pleasantly take up a large part of our summer.


Glenn and Lorraine said...

Hey Jim and Carole, I just discovered your blog. You have some very interesting reading going on here.
Both Lorraine and I are very happy to have met you two in Florida and due to circumstances, which we won't get into, you were able to join us in Branson for the rally. Now that it's over wasn't this the greatest RV get together and they only get better. We are hoping that you will be able to join the other MOCers at the BIG fall rally in Goshen, IN. If you liked the Branson rally the Goshen rally will blow your mind.
Have a great summer,

Anonymous said...

Well, flexibility was always part of the plan, right? This turn in the road is just part of the overall plan to be flexible. I suspect Mt. Rushmore will still be there when you get around to it (unless this year's Sturgis bikers are especially rowdy). It's a shame you had to have electrical problems, but you got to meet some more nice people because of it. It sounds like you had a great trip and you're still way ahead in the score. John