Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Largo, FL 5

The humidity is quite high and it is hot. Glad we have air conditioning. We could never live year round in this type of tropical area. The winters are nice but springs and summers are not for us. We went shopping today. Found a Campeing World nearby. That place is huge. They have what seems more like square miles instead of acres of new and used rigs and a large Camping World store. We were here a few years ago during an RV Show and seem to recall that they had camping spaces also. May have been for people that had their rigs in for service but it helps explain the size of this place. Had to go to Walmart for groceries and a few items and Carol's knees wouldn't let her get out to go into a Home Depot and a Lowes with me. Gonna go to the Gulf this evening to see the sunset again. We never tire from seeing that beautiful sight. The sun setting and pelicans flying overhead - Wow!

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