Friday, May 4, 2007

Largo, FL 6

Today was not a great day at the dealership. We had an appointment for 10:30AM to have the slide-out awning repaired. We had confirmed it Wednesday. Broke down the rig this morning, unhooked all connections, brought in the slide-outs and towed our "home" to Sun Coast RV, in Pinellas Park, FL. The awning was not there. We were advised that it would be in by 1:00PM so we went to brunch with friends who met us there. Returning at 1:00, we were advised that it had not arrived yet. The service manager finally called the shipper and was advised that it would be there by 1:30. At 1:45 he called again and was advised that it was in Tampa and should be there in an hour. He was called back a few minutes later and told that it was still in Atlanta but should be there by Monday. We are leaving Sunday. Sun Coast RV is not our favorite dealership now. Watching the sun set over the Gulf did make the day all right.
Our friends, who are also in the Montana Owners Club, MOC, talked us into going to the MOC rally in Branson, MO May 17-20. Montana is to have techs there so we are going to try again to get it repaired, while at the rally. Branson is close to the route that we were taking to Mt. Rushmore so this should be fun and also useful. We are meeting friends later this week in Memphis. While en route to Memphis, we will stop at Tupelo so Carol can check out the birthplace of The King. We have already done the Graceland tour a few years ago so Tupelo should close the circle.

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