Thursday, May 17, 2007

May 17, 2007 Branson, MO

The temperature fell into the high 40s last night. This is the coolest we have had it for what seems like a very long time. Today the temperature only got to 72 degrees. With a bright sun and cooler temperatures, it was beautiful. Today was the big day for our new slide-out topper/awning to be installed. Members of the MOC from the rally came over and took about twenty minutes to install the unit that a dealer was going to charge $175 to do. It just cost two cases of beer (delivered AFTER the job was done, of course) I had my Diet Coke and gladly watched the crew devour the beer. They did a first class job. We went into Branson today for the first time just to get our bearings about what we wanted to do and where we wanted to do it while we are here. The "strip" is several miles long with clubs and entertainment venues all along it. Also, there are multiple venues outside of the strip area. A tech from a Montana dealership in Kansas City will be at the rally tomorrow and Saturday to take care of minor problems that we may have. The cost of this tech and our Saturday night suppers are being picked up by the dealer. Montana sure knows how to take care of its customers. We are still trying to figure out which show we are going to see tomorrow. See the tough decisions that we have to make? And you thought that we were only having fun and playing games. We are not in a broadband area now for the wireless so we can not post any photos. Whenever we can, we will try to catch up on the pix.

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