Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 15, 2007 Shirley, AR to Branson, MO

We left Arkansas this morning and arrived in Branson, MO. We are in the Compton Ridge Campground. This is a large park with a lot of trees - beautiful. We were greeted by the sight of a host of Montanas already at the park for the rally that starts tomorrow evening. There was no problem backing into our site because there were several that guided us and a group that sat at the next site over from us watching and grading our efforts. I think we averaged a 7. (OK, too much watching Dancing with the Stars) Our new slide topper/awning is here. We will soon have a group of other campers helping us install it, probably in the morning. Now, that's scary. There are at least three other retired coppers here - Kansas, New Mexico and Illinois. It was nice meeting and talking with them. We all share the common idea - it was great when we were there but we are so relieved to no longer have to cop for a living. We will have to find someone that has researched this area, Branson, because it is full of clubs owned by and entertained at by music stars, mostly country but also oldies pop. Once again, we are in a spot where we can get out messages but not always read our email or post pics to this blog. We'll get them out when we can, maybe later tonight will work.

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