Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 19, 2007 Branson, MO

This is our last night in Branson. This was such a nice park and area and the MOC Rally was great. The tech from Montana came in today and repaired the leak in our washer/dryer so now all is well with Monty. Naylor RV, the Montana dealership from Kansas City, payed for our dinner at the campground tonight. There is the Fiddlers and Pickers session taking place here and the meal was Bar-B-Q. It was great. We have eaten more in the last three days that we probably have in the last three weeks so it is back to Nutrisystem now. There were fiddlers and pickers and singers all throughout the park and a band was playing at the dinner. Square dancers and two steppers were doing their thing in the building where we were eating. It was so neat seeing and hearing all of this. Weather or not one likes bluegrass, it is difficult to keep from tapping your feet to the music. We have met so many really good, fine people at this rally. From the first day when a crew came over and installed the awning, through the rally where we just met and talked with so many people with very similar likes and dislikes and getting great suggestions on routing and things to see and do for the rest of the trip - how could we not love this lifestyle. When we sold our motor home, we did not go long before we purchased our first Montana because we missed the people that we were meeting and getting to know. Tomorrow we will pick up in the morning and travel to probably just north of Kansas City, Platte City, MO. We will then decide where we will go, probably to around Omaha, NE, on our way to Mitchell, SD for the Memorial Day weekend.

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Never knew where Branson was before. Your comments made me find it on a map. It looks like a beautiful place for a resort with Mark Twain National Forest and water everywhere. Now I want to visit it, not so much for the shows but for the scenery and the ribs. On our return trip, we stayed in St. Joseph, on the river, just north of Platte City. It was okay, but the place I would like to have checked out more was just on the west side of the river, Atchison, KS, an old railroad town with a railroad museum. By the time you read this, you'll probably be way north of there in the Omaha area. By the way, last week we drove to PA for one of Judy's Navy clinic visits; came back through Gettysburg, had lunch there, then went looking for the mountain mini-golf; found it, but closed (too early in the season, I guess). Anyway, we were thinking of you. Love you both. John