Friday, May 11, 2007

May 11, 2007 Tunica, MS

We traveled from Tupelo, MS to Tunica, MS today. The road was limited access for over half of the way then a beautiful combination of state and county roads through small Mississippi towns. The area, like Alabama,is so green, compared to the brown, dusty everything in GA and FL. It rained last night and it was so unusual that we photographed out our rear window onto the campground just to remind us that it can get wet here. At the present, there are heavy storms with hail and 60 mph winds around us here in Tunica. We are probably less than 1/4 mile from the Mississippi River and north of here it is high and reaching flood stages. We don't believe that the flooding will be a problem around here and we hope that the rains lighten up near Branson when we go there next week. If not, we will stay inside and be happy that we paid for a roof for this rig. We let it be known that we needed a new slide topper for our rig. Another retired copper, a homicide dick from Wichita, KS, is in the Montana Owners Club and is putting together the rally we are attending next week in Branson. He is also bringing a new slide awning to replace the one that was damaged in the crunch in Cincinnati on the way down. Apparently he also sells these things on the side and we are getting his price and the labor will be by several of us in Branson. What a small, beautiful world this is. When we count our blessings we really don't have time to complain.

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