Thursday, May 3, 2007

Largo, FL 6

HOT! HOT! HOT! - We went to Walmart and retrieved our prescriptions, washed the truck and returned home and napped. It still does not feel real quite right but we are getting a better handle on semi-retirement. It is really ok to take a nap. Never had, or took, the time before. Probably would have made us more productive during the working years but, when in business for ourselves, thought the clients wanted us up and alert. Still working on this lifestyle. Working may not be the correct word because it infers labor and this is not a labor intensive life. The Georgia fires have grown and now there is one near Daytona, FL. It is so dry. We are leaving Largo Sunday and there is also a different mindset to the act of heading north. When we would leave to head north or back home before, the mind turned to what had to be done when we returned, how far behind are we now, etc and the last few days were relatively agonizing. Our only concern now is "how far do we have to go to get out of the smoke?" Tomorrow Monty goes to the dealership for some of the crash repairs. We'll finish the work when we return to Michigan in June.

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