Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 10, 2007 Tupelo, MS

We left Birmingham, AL this morning and are now in The Campground at Barnes Crossing Campground. This is a small, nicely put together park. It is quite hilly and the sites are terraced with gravel bases making for nice, level sites that drain well. It was very hot and sunny during the drive. We went to see the house that Elvis was born in. They have fixed it up nicely and the grounds have all the tourist trap fixins but it is very nice. We then went to Johnnie's Drive in Bar-B Que where Elvis hung out in his younger years. We split the Bar-B-Q plate and it was typical of the drive in food that we recall from our youth - very greasy. As soon as we got into the truck from viewing Elvis' house the skies opened up. We almost forgot what rain was in the last few weeks but the reminder came back in spades with the heavy rain and winds. We head on to Tunica, MS tomorrow. Hopefully there will be more time to fill in some of the trip's sightings and thoughts and add more photographs.
On edit, got the pics in tonight.

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