Friday, May 25, 2007

May 25, 2007, Grand Blanc, MI

This is the view we had out of our picture window at the park yesterday. We left the ACI park this morning, brought our "stuff" home and put Monty to bed at our home park, Lake Shore at Davison, MI. Last night the power went out in the park for several hours and, when it first happened, we were sure that our electrical problems had returned. We found out quickly that the park had lost power, not just us. Whew! It rained last night and cooled things off considerably. It is 69 degrees here now at 4:30 PM and comfortable. The streets were wet when we came home but we saw no more rain today. Now we plan for the next adventure. It feels good to know that the next one will not be too distant in the future - another advantage of semi-retirement.

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