Saturday, May 12, 2007

May 12, 2007 Tunica, MS Sam's Town

We had friends from the Memphis area stop by today. We went to Sam's Town Casino and had dinner at their Buffett. Great food and, sorry to say, plenty of it. This place is huge. Three restaurants. When we were younger, "Smoky Joe's Cafe" was a favorite song for Carol to dance to. She has talked about this song for years now. Wouldn't you know it, one of Sam's Town Restaurants is Smoky Joe's Cafe. The casino allows smoking but the ventilating system is so good that there is hardly a trace of smoke in the air. Smelled none in the restaurant. The slots are different from what we remember. They do not pay off in coins or tokens. Winners get a slip for a credit or turn it in for cash. No more dirty Dixie Cups full of quarters. It is definately different but a nice touch. A winner still gets the bells and whistles but not the sound of falling coins into the tray. We do not go to buffets any more since we have been dieting and after tonight it will be a long time before we return.

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Will said...

Met up with Jim and Carol here in Memphis. Got to show off our boys today :)

Good luck on your journey.
On to Alaska and bring us some
moose antlers.

Will and Grace