Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September 12, 2007 Zanesville, OH

The only time today that we left the campground was when we went to Sam's Club. This was a cool, sunny day and we used it to perform misc. maintenance and talk with neighbors. The talking with neighbors is what we missed most when we sold the motorhome and went a few months with no RV. The people that we meet when camping is probably the greatest part of camping. Of course the travel and visiting this great country and all its splendor rates right up there, now that we have time to travel for longer than a couple of weeks or so. Who-da-thunk-it that we would be long timers in the RV world? A long timer being one who can travel for extended periods of time but still has a home base to return to. We leave tomorrow for three nights in Wapakoneta, OH. Maybe this time we will see the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum. We pass it every time that we camp here but have never attended in the past. Then, Sunday we go to Goshen, IN for the Montana Owners' Rally.

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