Thursday, September 20, 2007

September 20, 2007 Goshen, IN

Today was a free day at the rally. We traveled to Shipshewana, IN, the site of a HUGE flea market. The flea market is only open Tuesdays and Wednesdays so we just toured the town and a couple of Amish shops. The town is definately filled with the Amish. Carriages being pulled by horses are all over the town and the streets are filled with tokens left by the horses. Someone is quick with the cleanup because the dirt does not remain long. At a farm on a country road, we discovered a large group (herd?) of tiny horses. Some were rolling on their backs on a black pile of something that probably keeps the flies from them. Later, on the same road, we found a dead horse lying in a ditch. Knowing how important horses are to the Amish, we went to the house to inform them of the horse and the man stated "I know. it happened last night." We don't know what that meant or who was going to pick up the horse but we just left. When we returned to the campground, people were returning from their days' journeys and gathering in small groups and filled the area with conversation. We have never found an RVer that didn't love to eat or talk. A couple have started a Park Model Living magazine devoted to life in a park model. They were here asking questions because they are to expand and start a magazine geared to living in a 5th wheel - an interesting concept. Techs from the various suppliers to Montana were here today repairing and assisting the rallygoers (a new word?) who had concerns. This rally is great, not only for the people that we meet, but also for the information and product supplies that we receive.

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