Friday, September 21, 2007

September 21, 2007 Goshen, IN

Today was filled with a trip to the Service Center to finish some repairs, seminars by Keystone (Montana manufacturer) and Dicor (roof manufacturer) and a pot luck dinner with raffles. Keystone is very interested in what the Montana Owners Club has to say because they know that they get honest feedback from us - the good, the bad and the ugly. We have seen how our concerns and problems have been listened to, corrected and we have left feeling that we are heard. That may be why Montana has been the leader in sales of 5th wheels for the last several years. Very few of us who own them and have availed ourselves of the service department and rally seminars will speak anything but highly about the Montana line. They have even made major repairs to units out of warranty at the service center. The attendees were also given a special incentive for attending the rally. It will really help if we decide to buy a new Montana in the next year. We both went far off our diets at tonight's pot luck dinner. Gosh, these RVers can cook and eat. Now it is time to knuckle down again and remember that we must eat differently. We eagerly await meeting with a couple in the MOC who also live in Grand Blanc that have spent the last several winters in Texas. They will not be able to travel this winter but are wanting to get with us and give us ideas of where to go, etc, while there. This information also includes a campground north of San Antonio that is in the middle of The Hill Country, within east driving distance of so much from the Gulf of Mexico to cowboy towns to the Rio Grand Valley.

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