Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September 17, 2007 Goshen, IN

I started the day with my walk around the fairgrounds. The trotters were out exercising and it ended with the campfire. Today, reps from Lippert, the makers of this great suspension system that we have in the Montana, gave a presentation. A retired firefighter gave a seminar on fire extinguisher safety. There was also a class given by some of the computer "gurus" in usage of the computer and the internet. Tiara RV had us come to their dealership and presented us with a bar-b-que dinner. Tiara is located on the north side of Elkhart, IN and is very hard to find but, once there, is a huge Montana dealership. The buildings are new and modern. They set up long tables in their service center where it was so clean that there was never a thought about eating in a service center. The large display of rigs was also impressive. If our Monty weren't so new to us, we may have looked hungrily at some of them. We did go through some and think "What if?" but then escaped without leaving a down payment. We talked with Keystone's Service Center today about the damage that we did to the rear stabilizers several weeks ago when we left that horrible Grand Haven campground in Newcomerstown, Ohio and will take the rig to the center tomorrow for repairs. They also gave good advice on how check and correct a small propane leak that developed.

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