Thursday, September 13, 2007

September 13, 2007 Zanesville, OH to Wapakoneta, OH

We moved from Zanesville to Wapakoneta, OH today. We are now finally out of the mountains and hills. After passing through Columbus, we noticed an almost immediate "flattening" of the landscape. This sure seems different - for the last several weeks, nothing has been flat. The Ford sure got a test and passed with flying colors. It pulled us up steep grades and helped us as we traveled down steep grades also. After getting off of the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Breezewood, PA on the way to Gettysburg, we immediately got onto US 30. This took us all the way to Gettysburg. The grades were brutal for us and the road was mostly two lane so, when we slowed considerably for the upgrades, we held traffic back behind us. The downgrades had no shoulder to speak of so there were no places to pull over to let traffic pass. From Gettysburg on, we tried to assure no more two lane steep grades to climb. The gas fueled truck with its 5.4 engine was able climb all the grades but it slowed considerably. When we were on an interstate or 3 or 4 lane highway, this was fine because we did not have to be the first to reach the top. We will now plan our routes better when traveling through the mountains. We will use multiple lane highways in the steep areas and just slow down. Now we will perform some preventative maintenance and see what Wapakoneta has to offer.

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