Wednesday, September 5, 2007

September 5, 2007 Gordonsville to Front Royal, VA and Skyline Drive

We finally pulled out of Shenandoah Resort in Gordonsville, VA this morning and have checked into North Fork Resort in Front Royal, VA. During my walk before leaving, the horses even came out to wish us a safe journey. The resort is in the process of constructing several Yurts for rental purposes, canvas walled and roofed but with a wooden frame and floor. As we left, we saw that the first one is almost finished. They can be best described as fancy, luxury tents. After setting up in Front Royal, we took a drive along part of Skyline Drive. This is the beginning of this route through the Shenandoah Valley National Park that continues on into North Carolina into the Smokys. It ends in Waynesville, NC, where we camped this spring. We were on this road for approximately four hours and used up all of our combined quotas of "oohs" and "aahs." We took 198 photographs today. What a difference from when we had the film cameras with film to develop and prints to purchase before we were able to see what we had shot. We saw 11 or so deer and an elk. The roadway has many scenic overlooks where we could pull over, park and just admire what rugged beauty God has produced in the Appalachians. We also saw how, during the Civil War, both sides used this high ground to observe and spot troop movements in the valleys below. We are so wonderfully fortunate to be able to see so much of our own beautiful country. Every time we see something new we wonder how it can be topped. Then we move on and it seems to be topped with something else new to us. What a country.

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