Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1, 2008 Davenport, FL

Today we moved from a temporary lot to our permanent location. We are now on site 113 at Mouse Mountain. It was a tight squeeze getting into our site but, with the help of half of the other campers, made it. Then we went to Disney and picked up my very first Disney paycheck. This has been a couple of weeks of "memory lane" time for me. I interviewed for a job, was hired, went to school for training, worked my first day in a Rapid Food Service job and now have my first paycheck. It has been more years than I can easily recall since I have done any of that. My schooling was forever ago, thought I had interviewed for my last job, received a pay check instead of checking profits and expenses of our business to see how much could be retained for household expenses, etc. It is all so different. Retirement is not easy. Had to find my way through the Disney Hollywood Studios Theme Park to get to the payroll location. All of Walt Disney World is so lush and seemingly unreal. We saw a resort hotel dedicated to the Swan and another to the Dolphin. A minature golf course that seemed like Tiger Woods would be challenged by. I had been in this area before but, since I have been on information overload, of course I had forgotten where things were. Part of my path went through the theme park and there were so many people there. It seems amazing to me that, during a school day, there are so many families with school age children here at any given time. This afternoon we heard a knock on our door and a friend said that Friday was pizza night and asked if we wished to accompany them. We went to CiCi's and I overstuffed myself. Carol and I both hate going to All You Can Eat places because we have trouble stopping. Tonight was no exception. Carol did much better than I did this time and I am miserable now. (sure was good, though)

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