Thursday, February 14, 2008

February 14, 2008 Disney and Davenport, FL

Happy Valentines Day to all. Carol has honored me and said that she will be my valentine and so we are going to a Valentines Day dance tonight at the clubhouse. Sounds like fun. We missed going to Disney today because it was quite cool for this area and we were going to go to the nighttime fireworks and light show at Fantasia. It would have been downright cold there, after the sun went down and the water show splashing water into the crowd. Tomorrow the warmth is supposed to return so we will try again. A member of the Montana Owners Club asked for some photographs from the Disney campground, Fort Wilderness. We have never been there before so we decided to try a spin through there while on the way to another Disney store that we were going to shop at. This campground in in the Magic Kingdom and is beautiful. The sites are spacious and paved and there are trees and other flora and fauna all around. We only were there for a short time but really liked what we saw. I may try to work there next time, if I can get in. After we left the campground we approached a bridge crossing our road. It looked like any other cement bridge but then a boat crossed the road on the bridge. The bridge held water between two lakes. We will try to have the camera readier when we return there and also just keep it handy because we often just come upon the most interesting items. We saw some of the birds that we first saw in the Everglades - the kind that dive into the water to grab a fish and then have to stand on dry land and hold their wings out to dry.They do not have oil in their wings so the feathers hold water. It is so unusual and beautiful. Well, time to get ready to go dance once then watch the others finish out the night (probably by 9:15 around here).

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