Monday, February 11, 2008

February 11, 2008 Orlando, FL

Today was probably the most beautiful day of our stay, so far. The temperature went up to only 71 degrees and the humidity was very low. There was not a cloud in the sky. The combination made for a fire weather alert around Central Florida but we don't see how there could have been much of a better combination. Even the birds liked it. Their singing was much louder and sweeter. We went into Orlando, Apopka and Winter Park doing some work on a Boylan Agency matter. Orlando is a very busy town. The traffic seems quite heavy for a town this size but, considering that this town was placed on the map by Walt Disney when he put his dreams into action by designing and constructing Disney World, it is no wonder then that the world started beating a path to come here and live in a dreamland for a while. I have read that whether times are good or bad, people come here in droves either to celebrate the good times or disappear for a while in the bad times. They all seemed to be on the road today. Being retired and with the beautiful weather, though, we were not in a hurry so we just sat back and enjoyed it.


RioRap said...

Hi Jim and Carol,

ran into your blog entry while trying to find a used Waldenwoods membership...funny thing we were also looking to come to florida for a few days to escape this terrible winter in Michigan...don't know if we can swing it with the kids vacation schedule though...we may go to Chi-town to see the cousins...hhmmm...more cold of luck with your travels...

best regards,
Teri and Ron Merbler

Jim and Carol said...

We are very glad that we have avoided the bitter Michigan February (and January and March) this year. If you get to Waldenwoods this summer, look us up. I will be workkamping as a ranger this year - Jim