Friday, February 15, 2008

February 15, 2008 Disney Hollywood Studios

We went to Disney Hollywood Studios today. This is the theme park that I have been working at but not able to visit as a guest until today. Wow! What a fabulous place. We started out watching Disney animated characters performing live. The kids were encouraged to join in and sing and dance with the characters and they were squealing with delight throughout the performance. We saw a grand parade of Disney characters and old cars. We watched a performance of young people performing High School Musical 2: School's Out. These kids had so much life and energy in them. They never stopped smiling and seemingly really enjoying their roles. They brought children from the audience to assist with several numbers. We moved to the music all the way through the performance. We then went to Lights, Motors, Action, Extreme Stunt Show. This showed how the vehicle chases and stunts were performed in many famous motion pictures. We saw the cars, motorcycles and speedboats doing various high speed stunts and they were being filmed as we watched. Then they played the film so we could see a completed product. This was after they showed us how they did many of these stunts. They showed how they could use their cameras and space to make it look like they were using all of a French town in just a small space to do these capers. Exciting, informative and fabulous. We then went to the Indiana Jones area and saw how the stunts for Harrison Ford were performed in the movie. Another breathtaking adventure. We then went on the Great Movie Ride. This is a ride where we were taken into the past and parts of many movies were played out by real actors on real sets and we were right in the middle of it all. Carol sat right next to the operator of the ride who was kidnapped and replaced by a "Gun Moll" right in the middle of a gun fight between the "thugs" and the "good guys." The "moll" who then was killed by a monster when she tried to steal a large gem in an Indiana Jones set. Mike, our kidnapped driver, then returned to thunderous applause and finished the tour. We finished the day with the light show Fantasmic. This was probably the most awesome display of lighting and special effects we have ever seen. We were in a huge outdoor arena and most lights were extinguished. Steam was produced and, somehow, colorful images were flashed into the steam and it was like looking at a smoky movie screen. Actors and dancers performed along with the images. The theme was that it was a nightmare by Mickey. After the monsters and ogres took over the dream, Mickey finally had enough and said "Wait a minute.This is my dream!" You know that when Mickey Mouse takes over, things have a happy ending and this was no exception. The lights, the fire and finally the fireworks were totally awe inspiring. Some really creative minds have worked on this. We are so happy to have seen a part of it.

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