Tuesday, February 5, 2008

February 5, 2007 Orlando, FL

It got quite warm today but the humidity wasn't as high as yesterday. A friend came by and tried to help us get our satellite dish set up. The tripod that we use is not very good so we finally ended up getting another at Camping World. My two weeks anniversary of employment with Disney was today and I was able to pick up my Main Gate Pass that will allow me to bring guests into Disney World. I will be able to use it to get Carol in and also our children and grandchildren if they can get down here. I will be able to use it on six occasions this year. Thursday, the shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to lift off at Cape Kennedy. We are an hour or so from there so we hope that we can get there and see it. The weather forecasters are talking 40% chance of rain that day but by Friday the front should have passed and, if Thursday is washed out, Friday should be a go.

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