Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February 12, 2008 Disney and Davenport, FL

Today turned into a very interesting day. It started with clouds coming in and threats of rain, heavy winds and possible tornadoes starting this afternoon and going into tomorrow afternoon. We went to Disney with some friends and shopped at the Disney Store. We believe that we have nine grandchildren that will be pleased with that trip. Some gifts for birthdays and some just for the heck of it. Since we had a very bad experience years ago with an awning being demolished in a sudden storm, we brought the awning in before we left for Disney. Our timing was good because it was starting to rain as we returned. The winds have not been great, yet, but a tornado has touched down near Cocoa Beach, about 50 miles east of us. We saw on the Montana Owners Forum that the storm had passed by some members on the Gulf but we see that there are more storms forming in the Gulf of Mexico now. From there, they move our way. Clean living and love of puppy dogs should help to keep us safe. Thursday is Valentines Day and there is a dinner-dance here at Mouse Mountain. Helen, one of our MOC friends, is practicing to sing Karaoke there so we will probably attend.

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