Saturday, February 2, 2008

February 2, 2008 Orlando, FL

Today was quite a day. We went to Camping World to pick up some RV supplies. As we were leaving, we were accosted by either 500,000 or a couple of dozen geckos. These are the cute little chameleon like lizards that dart quickly about down here. They were running in front of us, climbing up and down trees and putting on quite a show while sunning themselves. We then left to go to Sam's Club for supplies. On the way we saw two police officers with their German Shepherd chasing a man into a marsh along the highway. There were dwellings on three sides of the marsh and businesses alongside the highway on the fourth side. The traffic was very heavy and I could not get the truck turned around in time to assist. I felt like a rookie again - the thought coming just a hair too late to take proper action. The dog was pulling hard and we heard no sirens later so we assume that all went well. After we returned home, we were sitting on the patio reading and watching the people walk by when we heard a siren come to what appeared to be the front of the park and then go silent. Carol said "That is close. I wonder if they are going to the Chili Cook off." That was the event going on at the recreation hall. When you get a group of us oldsters together, something as exciting as a Chile Cook off could very well call for something like an ambulance. Soon after, the EMS rig pulled up in front of us, stopped and two paramedics got out. The driver asked "Is this 113?" When advised that it was, he walked over to Carol and asked if she were OK. We asked what was going on and he stated that they were dispatched to 113 on a report of a lady feeling dizzy. The park manager then arrived and took them to C-113. Our next door neighbors then came over and remarked that we had not been here for a whole day yet and were already causing trouble (with a smile, of course) We hope that the excitement tomorrow stops with the geckos.

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