Sunday, March 30, 2008

April 20, 2008 Epcot

What a trip. Today was Epcot Day. The weather cooperated nicely - partly cloudy and a slight breeze kept it comfortably warm, in the upper 70s. This park is full of adult "toys." The attractions include all sorts of hands on scientific activities. There are beautiful fountains and flowers throughout the park. Nemo is here and we watched Crush the Sea Turtle as he talked with us and even answered questions from the audience. It was amazing how Crush talked "live" with audience members and even showed shock when asked an embarrassing question. We know this was not a set up because the questioner was a friend who was with us. There was a waterfall with water flowing in the opposite (upward) direction. We saw an outdoor concert by the 5th Dimension. One of the female singers was a member of the original group, 42 years ago. She did not sound or act like one in her 60s. This was a really fine show. Half of the park has an International theme. Countries from around the world showcase their crafts and food. We had supper at a Japanese restaurant and really enjoyed it. Like other restaurants in Disney, we didn't leave hungry. There was a spectacular fireworks, light and laser show over a small lake in the park. We were awed by the entire package. We now have seen all four theme parks of Disney World and enjoyed them all. There are portions of each park that we can call "The Very Best." Tomorrow is my last day to work at Disney this season. We are returning to Disney World Wednesday with some friends and then Thursday we leave Mouse Mountain for The Bees RV Resort in Clermont, FL. We will be there for three nights. This park is where we were staying when I first started with Disney so we will try to see more of this area before we leave. Maybe this weekend, we will go to The Gulf for a dip. That would be to the beach near Sarasota with the crushed quartz that is supposed to be cool to the feet even in the hot sun.

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