Sunday, March 9, 2008

March 9, 2008 Davenport, FL Mouse Mountain CG Talent Show

Today was the 2008 Mouse Mountain Campground Talent Show and Ice Cream Social. The evening started out with tons of ice cream being ladled out, followed by the show. The ice cream got people like me to attend and after listening and watching to the talent, Carol and I are both very glad that we attended. It started out with Randy, the emcee, being interrupted by a Minnie Pearl lookalike who wheedled her way into singing In My Easter Bonnet. Then our MOC friend Helen sang, another MOC friend,Cheryl, showed us that she is now a clogger, and the Mouse Mountain Floozies sang, followed by the Mouse Mountain Floozie Chasers. One of the cloggers is an 83 year old lady and one of the Floozies is 93 years old. These folks give us hope that maybe we can be productive for a few more years. There were other acts that only people in the park would know of but there were absolutely no bad acts. Tomorrow, we are heading for Kennedy Space Center for the Shuttle lift-off. The photo portion of this program is not working at this time. Hopefully it will be back on line so that we can put photos of the space shot in the entry describing the shot.

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