Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 6, 2008 Disney World Animal Kingdom

Wow, was it beautiful. Disney World Animal Kingdom is the great escape for city folks like us. When we first entered, some of the "bugs" were posing with the kids for photos. We traveled to "Deepest Africa" and took a safari ride through a large African park. So many large, fantastic beasts and birds roaming in their natural habitat and we were right there with them. At one time during our ride, we had to stop because an ostrich was standing in the road and was not quite ready to move on yet. A toot of the horn finally got it to slowly amble away. When Carol and I were married, we took the. kids with us for the second half of our honeymoon and one of the stops was the African Safariland Park, near Toronto. That was really nice but the Disney park was HUGE! I really wish my vocabulary was greater so that I could describe the raw beauty that we saw today. Since our friend Bob made us a great bird feeder that we keep stocked with sunflower oilers in Michigan when we are home, we have discovered that we really like looking at and listening to the different birds. Today was everything we have seen and heard before and multiplied by a large number. I don't believe that I have ever seen some of the colors before that we saw on some of these birds. Then there was the crane that was sitting down on its legs that were bent at the knees BACKWARD. The proud American Eagle that was part of a show in the park. There was a show called "It's Tough To Be A Bug" that was shown in a theater. This showed life as seen through the eyes and thoughts of bugs. There were animated characters and three dimensional effects that were unheard of not that long ago. We were watching the characters on the stage and butterflies and other flying insects would apparently fly right up to our faces and we even tried to reach out and touch them, to no avail, of course. Portions of the seats and seatbacks moved at times when the "termites and roaches were rushing out of the theater so as not to be stepped on." Carol really jumped at this, thinking something was passing under her bottom. The character parade was also fantastic - so many characters singing and dancing and really having a grand time. The baby chimpanzee that was "too pooped to pop" and sleeping after foraging and eating. The crocodiles that are menacing, just looking at them from a distance. The African Prairie Dog type animal acting as a lookout while the rest of its family searched for food. And, of course, the parade with Mickey and all his pals that is always a big feature of all the parks here. This was another perfect day.

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