Sunday, March 9, 2008

March 8, 2008 Sanford, FL Fleaworld

We went to Fleaworld of Orlando in Sanford, FL. It is advertised as "America's Largest Flea Market." We have been to a few flea markets but are in no position to judge comparative sizes of the markets but this one was, as Ed Sullivan used to say, "A really big show!" From the highway it didn't look like much. We even almost missed it at first pass. When we finally entered the parking lot from the side we started to get an idea that the frontage was like the tip of an ice berg, a small taste of what was hidden. There was a huge grid of pole barns, all joined together, that formed a gigantic maze of shops and stalls. For those of you from Southeast Michigan, like a Gibraltar Trade Center on steroids. We went with friends from the MOC that are also at our campground and of course couldn't get out without buying some "must have" items that may or may not be used now that they are home. This place even has an attached amusement park complete with rides and rides on a real elephant. Haven't seen an elephant ride since we took our grandson, Jon (he was Jonathon then), to his first circus and he rode the elephant a dozen years ago. The national cold snap has arrived in Florida. Friday the temperature was in the 80s and Saturday it was mid 60s and very windy, feeling much colder. Saturday night was supposed to get into the upper 30s and then a return to normal temperatures to return Monday. Sunday evening at the campground features an ice cream social followed by a talent show. Gotta go the social because I am an ice cream junkie. Then we will waddle up and watch our neighbors sing and dance. Should be great fun.

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