Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March 25, 2008 Davenport, FL

Disney has been super busy and crowded during Spring Break. Worked yesterday and today and it was non-stop all the time. Never knew this old guy could work so hard for so long. It is just great that I really enjoy doing what I do, most of the time. The time really flies when we are so busy. Work tomorrow and then again next Monday then not again until next year. Now that I am getting so close to the end, I am getting really itchy to leave so that Carol and I can get in some serious "touristing." We will probably go to one or two of the resorts later this week and then Epcot next week. We are also going to try to get to the Sarasota area, on The Gulf, where there is supposed to be a beach with a white, powdered quartz or shale that seems cool to the feet on a hot, sunny day. Maybe a trip back to Cape Kennedy and tour the space center and also the nature area. Came home from work today to a great Carol meal. Wow! What a life. Got a call today from Waldenwoods, the campground in Michigan that I will be working at this summer. Needed my shirt size for the shirts that they will supplying for us. That also got me thinking about the trip back to Michigan. We are ready to see the kids and grandkids. Talked to them Easter time but we are ready to see them all now.

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