Saturday, March 22, 2008

March 22, 2008 Davenport, FL

Oh, oh! Went to purchase a gift for our neighbors today who are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary and discovered that I was missing a credit card. Nowhere in my wallet. No where in the truck. Came home and not able to find it there either. Carol couldn't even find it and you know, she can find anything. Called the credit card company and stopped purchases using my card. We went to Haines City and checked a restaurant we were at recently and to a Walt Disney store where we purchased some goods last Thursday. These were the last reported purchases on the card. No luck anywhere. Will get new ones now and we are grateful that no one else has been using it. It has rained lightly off and on today so this gave us a chance to look around the area again. Crowds everywhere. Spring break is on and going great guns. Wonder what, if anything we will do tonight. Saw the reports of added snow back home and it tired me out so much that I may take a nap now.

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