Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 15, 2008 Disney World Animal Kingdom Lodge

We have been hearing from other Disney cast members that the theme parks are not the only places to go to see some very interesting sights. It was suggested that we go to the resorts so today we started with Animal Kingdom Resort. The front of the lodge was magnificent. It was so large that it could not all fit into the picture frame. This entire lodge is done with an African theme. The lobby was huge with hand carved statues and figures throughout. The ceiling was three stories plus tall. In the rear is a park containing exotic birds, wildebeests and zebras. In the fourth photo, look back to the left and there are two zebras, behind the wildebeests. There were supposed to be giraffes, too, but we did not see any on this trip. The rear gardens were lush and tropical. Carol looks tiny standing there. In the entrance to the lobby, stones were colored and placed into the floor. It was described to us as something that is done in Africa. People color stones and place them on the floor to greet guests and so it was done here the same way to greet guests, too. I keep on being amazed at how this entire operation has been devised and put together - with little things like the colored stones at the entryway to greet guests just one of many items incorporated into the park. In the rear, overlooking the animal park, the rooms of the lodge all have balconies overlooking this park. What a way to wake up - a cup of coffee out on the balcony and the birds and animals below. Now we will also tour the other lodges around the park. There is always something to do here that is interesting and exciting.

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