Friday, March 21, 2008

March 21, 2008 Disney World Boardwalk Resort

Today we traveled to Disney's Boardwalk Resort. This is built with sets taken from the original Atlantic City Boardwalk and has a 1930s-1940s atmosphere. The frontage is all modern, though, and inside the Boardwalk area is another trip into fantasy-land. In the main lobby of the hotel, there is a Merry-Go-Round that looks real in a miniature way. I took the photo with the zoom lens and it looks real. Just before we got to the elevator that led to the Boardwalk there was a Pedaling Piano. This was pedaled like a bicycle around the Boardwalk in Atlantic City while it was being played. Outside, whereas the Atlantic City Boardwalk fronts onto the Atlantic Ocean, this one fronts onto a lake. The Boardwalk had a myriad of shops, restaurants and night clubs all around it. There are pure white sands on the bottom of the lake and onto the beaches. We took a boat ride that took us to The Swan and Dolphin Hotels and Disney Hollywood Studios. This is the back way into the park where I work. The restaurants where I work are at the base of Tower of Terror. Where the tower is pictured here is a view from the water where our boat was. Back into the Boardwalk area, there is a very large swimming pool that even included a sandbar/beach that children were playing on. Who-da-think-it comes to mind so often as we see imaginations come to life here. Along the Boardwalk is also an old time Atlantic Dance Hall. Across from it is a Jellyroll Dueling Piano Club that features "dueling pianos" after 7:00 PM. We are going to have to attend these soon.

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