Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13, 2008 Plant city, FL

NEVER AGAIN will I go into an "all you can eat" buffet. Last night we went to CiCi's Pizza in Orlando with friends. This is one price pays all and besides we had a Disney discount. I could hardly move after leaving there and Carol said she was stuffed too. To make matters worse, today we went to Plant City, Fl, a small town west of Lakeland that advertises itself as "The Strawberry Capital Of The World." Friends met us at the Parkesdale Farm Market. They had told us about the delicious strawberry shortcake there. Oh man, they were delicious. We each had one and one of our friends had two. I thought about ordering another when I finished mine and am I ever glad that I waited before doing it. All of a sudden I felt stuffed and, here it is 5 hours later and I am still full. It still amazes me to find fresh fruit and veggies here in the middle of the winter. When we first came to Florida, we were amazed at road repairs being done in January, February, flowers growing and palm trees. This fresh fruit and veggies that we ate and bought to bring home today just add to the "wow" factor for us snowbirds. Sitting outside in 70 degree plus, sunny weather enjoying strawberry shortcake? Who-DA-thunk-it? not too long ago. TOMORROW the diet resumes, after eating Carol's great cube steak/baked potato dinner tonight, of course.

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