Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11, 2009 Winona, MN to Wisconsin Dells, WI

This is what we saw last night when we came in last and this morning the first thing. Beautiful! We were just across the two track from The Mississippi. The Prairie Island Campground is a city park that had large, grassy lots with some trees scattered around. We could hear birds all day and night. As we left, we had to take one more peek at the barges being loaded with grain and the working tugs just down the road from the campground. As we traveled south to hook up with I-90 to take us to Wisconsin, we had to say "good bye" to the beautiful Minnesota Bluffs that line the Mississippi and contain the aeries of the magnificent eagles that are throughout the area. This is perfect for them - the high, rugged bluffs overlooking great hunting area of the Mississippi. The day was partly sunny but there was one storm over the Mississippi that we saw. This also makes for eye pleasing views of the vista. When we reached I-90 and turned east, we immediately crossed the Great Mississippi for the last time on this trip. As we entered Wisconsin, we were greeted by two young girls posing at the Welcome sign. I am sure that they were doing this just for us. We soon were at the Christmas Mountain Campground in Wisconsin Dells, WI. This is a huge complex containing, besides the large campground, a golf course, cabins, condos and modular homes. There is also a restaurant and pro shop on the premises. We will have to check it all out tomorrow, along with the Dells. There is always something else to see or do on this trip. Not all gets done but we have had a great time and are well along on a list of things to see and do "next time!"

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