Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9, 2009 Dakotah Meadows Campground, Prior Lake, MN

One of the unusual things about this campground that we are now in is that one can rent a Tipi, instead of a cabin. Notice that there is a Montana in the background of the first photo. I feel that I really accomplished something today when I repaired a brace that holds wiring underneath one of our slide-outs that had broken. It was allowing all to hang low when the slide was pulled in so I duct taped it up every time that we moved so that all would not hang down and do more damage. Now, hopefully, no more duct tape! Tomorrow we start heading for the Wisconsin Dells. We were given an alternative route along the Mississippi River by MOC friends, Helen and Bill. We will take this alternative and it snakes along the river through an area called Minnesota Bluffs. Sounds like a beautiful drive. We will travel through Red Wing, MN (not related to the Detroit Red Wings who will win the Stanley Cup tonight) and camp on the river in Winona, MN tomorrow night. We are getting itchy to travel again so we can see if we can break our record of 366 photographs in a day that we made a couple of weeks ago. We have to bring our charger along with us in the truck to recharge the camera before the end of the day, we take so many pix.

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