Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6, 2009 area around Welcome, MN

We checked a website called for ideas of places to see around this area. It was raining today so we set out to check a few of the (better?) area attractions. First stop was in Blue Earth, MN, where we found The Jolly Green Giant waiting for us in a park. Then we went to Mankato, MN where we found, what is reportedly, the last Happy Chef statue in the chain of Happy Chef restaurants. Sort of like the Michigan Big Boy Restaurants with the disappearing Big Boy statues. Then a hop over to New Ulm, MN. This is a town settled by German immigrants and still has a strong Germanic flavor. High on a hill overlooking New Ulm, is the statue of Hermann the German. Hermann has guarded this town since 1897. This honors a slave chieftan named Armnius Cherusci, who was later renamed Hermann by Martin Luther. He led a pick-up army against their masters in the year 9 over three Roman legions and saved Germania from being conquered. This copper statue is the third largest copper statue in the United States, after The Statue of Liberty and Portlanda in Portland, OR. Returning to the center of New Ulm, we found a large Glockenspiel clock tower. We were about a half hour late to hear the three o'clock song of the bells. Carol's Germanic genes were going wild by now so we went to the Kaiserhoff Restaurant for some good German Reuben sandwiches. The rain, mist and fog were getting heavier so we returned home where we are now watching the Red Wings in their playoff game.

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