Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 20, 2009 St Ignace, MI

A beautiful, lazy day was our to be had today. So we took it! St. Ignace was having an Old and Historic Car Show on their beautiful bay. There were some very old autos from the 1920s and 1930s that were in what looked to be mint condition. There were also the cars from our era of the 1950s, too. It has been forever since we have seen a red on a car like on this 1955 Ford. As close to Candy Apple Red as either of can remember. Carol had her sunglasses on and was commenting on many of the red vehicles and the "orangish" color that was on them. She took them off at this Ford and realized that the "orange" had disappeared and red had returned. Amazing! We had dinner in the BnL Diner in town. What a treat! They made many of their items from scratch including home made soup and even home made potato chips. The booths were red vinyl and even had red tape over rips in the seats. An old juke box was in the back. The only thing missing were the 1950s prices but they were really quite reasonable. Of course, now it was nap time so we returned to the Monte. In the evening we went to Bridge View Park and saw the Mackinaw Bridge from the northern side. The Southern end was enclosed in mist making the bridge look like the Bridge to Nowhere! We returned to town and saw a quaint lighthouse at the end of the City Marina. Out in the bay are four concrete objects. We discovered that they are Mooring Dolphins. At one time there was a US Air Force base just north of St.Ignace. This was part of the SAC. These Dolphins were constructed so that tankers bringing jet fuel to the base would tie up to the Mooring Dolphin and discharge their loads of jet fuel into them sending it through pipes that ran to above ground tanks on shore.The fuel then was transported to the Air Base. We then watched the sun set into the trees around the bay. The sea gulls were thick in the area and some can be seen on one or more of these sunset pix. Tomorrow we travel from St. Ignace to our home park in Davison, MI. We will spend a night or two there while we clean and empty what has been our home for over two months.

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