Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 13, 14 2009 Necedah and Wisconsin Dells, WI

Yesterday we motored over to Necedah, a small town just northwest of Wisconsin Dells. There is a quaint dam on the edge of town and there were many stones where we observed the dam from. Carol had her pick from a thousand eighty sparkley stones to cheese from. Added a quarter ton more of these beautiful stones to the box in the rear of the truck. Soon we're gonna run out of power to haul both the stones and the Monty. Just north of this quaint little town is the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge. The Necedah National Wildlife Refuge is home to a large flock of Whooping Cranes. Several years ago there were fewer each year and so they started with birthing boxes for the Whooping Cranes. Now the former youngsters return here after wintering in Florida and the flock is growing. The shot across the wetlands has a white spot in the upper center - That is a Whooping Crane. I saw it with another person's telescope. More birds would come later but we were hungry and being eaten by bugs. There were also signs warning about Tick Bites and how sick one would become if bitten by one. I was able to photograph this beautiful orchid. That was my gift to Carol. Of course, leading off this pictorial was Carol's favorite - the Daisy. When I see daisies, I am always reminded of that day in 1980 when I was surrounded with our beautiful daughters and Carol with daisies in her hair and a daisy bouquet in her hand became my wife. Love those daisies!!! Today we went to Rock Arbor State Park and found a thickly wooded park with rocky bluffs. Trees and ferns were growing out of the boulders. How beautiful this was! This is the sort of park we were looking for since we arrived here. Now we have it and Necedah for next time.

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